Mata Bharati Temple in Pune - Read, Support, Spread the word!

Dear Friends,

My Foundation, FACT (, is building in Pune a shrine ... dedicated to Mata Bharati, so as to revive the worship of Mother India. Indeed, till the early 20th century, India was considered as a Deity, a Living Body. But today it has gone. As a result, Indians often do not feel any particular pride in their own country and their children are even more disconnected from the idea of India.

Our architect Sheetal Harpale, of Pyramid Associates, Pune, has designed a wonderful Sri Yantra temple. From the dome, a ray of light will fall on a bronze statue of Mata Bharati endowing Shivaji Maharaj which we have commissioned from a renowned sculptor.

This unique project, which His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has agreed to inaugurate, will cost 30 lakhs. I appeal to your generosity, this temple can be YOURS.

FACT is a registered Trust with the Government of India, we have FCRA permission (to receive funds from abroad) and tax exemption. Cheques can be made in the name of FACT and sent to this address: Fran├žois Gautier, Auromodel, Auroville, 605101, Tamil Nadu, via Pondichery, India. We will engrave the names of the bigger donors on one of the walls of the temple. We plan to open by the end of the year. All donors will get a receipt and a letter from FACT.

Francois Gautier

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