Ahilyabai's lesser known personality on display

Above: School children at the exhibition

DNA, 26th January, 2010

Various facets of the personality of the warrior queen, Ahilyabai Holkar, have been projected through paintings, photographs, maps and texts at an exhibition organised by FACT - India, a non-profit trust.

The event, organised in the hall opposite Mahatma Phule Museum on Ghole Road, Pune, will continue till January 30.

Ahilyabai Holkar ruled the Malwa kingdom during the 18th century. Born in Maharashtra, she was married to Maratha sardar Khanderao Holkar. After her husbands death in a battle in 1754, her father-in-law Malharrao Holkar persuaded her to undergo training in politics and warfare. She personally led armies to battle and was known for imparting justice. She has built various temples across India.

FACT - India chose to highlight the social reformer as the organisation feels that she has not been given the recognition she rightfully deserves.

Over 40 paintings depict the childhood and main incidents of Ahilyabais life. The paintings show armed Ahilyabai leading the troops and speaks about the person she was, a warrior queen. Her childhood, training in warfare, expeditions, formation of womens army, her justice to people, emotional blows like death of her husband and son, incident when her daughter decided to do sati have been showcased through the paintings.

The maps show the various works carried out by Ahilyabai during her rule. She built numerous temples, ghats, dharmshalas, wells, tanks, and bridges all over India. The map neatly marks, where which work was taken up. The copies of letters written to Ahilyabai by her father-in-law Malharrao Holkar have also been displayed. The letters show how Malharrao trusted Ahilyabais abilities.

FACT - India was started by French journalist Francois Gautier. The trust is involved in creating awareness about terrorism and highlighting the positive aspects of India.

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